AVANTAGE Search is a company of recruitment specialists are familiar with good fields of IT and new technologies.

For over 20 years, its founders have gained expertise in the recruitment of executives and direct approach, and propose a methodology for the rapid recruitment of talented employees.

This in the utmost respect for interests.



Once the mission is established with our partner, the determination of companies 'target' (firms likely to have the skills required), allows direct research accurately and quickly a campaign of identifying candidates.

These identifications once made, lead to a contact with candidates tailored to each company taking into account the specificities of each.

Interviews lead to validation of skills, mindset and the professional project of the candidate. The conclusion of these meetings is the adequacy or inadequacy of a candidate in respect of the business plan proposed by our partners.

AVANTAGE-Search offers its partners for each candidate, a portfolio of work consisting of a description of the course, a skills validation and analysis of the specific (explanation of changes in business, professional transitions, successes, Chess lines of relevant areas for improvement, ...).

Note that the Cabinet AVANTAGE-Search is a partner of specialized websites (CV library Computer) and supports many schools of engineering and business second to none.

AVANTAGE-Search Team consists of professionals familiar with good sectors and markets where they operate, enabling our firm to work with maximum speed and efficiency.